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History of Kingdom Grace Fellowship Church

Kingdom Grace Fellowship Church was birthed in the belly of Overseer E. Renea Collins on 07-17-13. Originally the church was called Christ the King Worship Center, however upon filing the paperwork with the State of Ohio we learned that the name Christ the King Worship Center was owned by a gentleman in Northern Ohio. Elder Arron Woods contacted that individual to seek permission to use the name and it was denied.  After much prayer, at the recommendation of Deacon Mike Collins, the name was changed to Kingdom Grace Fellowship Church.

On 10-04-13 Overseer Collins met with Bishop Duane Tisale to share the plans for Kingdom Grace Fellowship Church. At that time Overseer Collins was looking to start a Saturday night service.  Bishop Tisdale recommended that Overseer put together a core team of individuals to begin to share the vision with.  He cautioned that this is not Mount Liberty Part 2 but that it is a fresh and new move of God, intent upon fostering intimate relationships with Jesus Christ! The core team consisted of Prophetess Zell Jackson, James Owens Jr, Pam Barrett, Nikia Fletcher, Json Wilson, Jereese Wilson, Mike Collins, Pastor Beth Ferguson, Nadine Jackson, Patty Carter, Simone Cook and Rhonda Breit. The Core team met each Saturday at 6:00 pm for a time a prayer and intercession seeking Father’s will for Kingdom Grace Fellowship Church.

Kingdom Grace Fellowship Church was officially organized on 02/01/14 and Overseer Renea Collins was voted in as Senior Pastor, CEO and Founder.  Charter voting members were: James Owens Jr, Rhonda Breit, Json Wilson, Nadine Bagley, Patty Carter, Nikia Fletcher, Jereese Wilson, Mike Collins, Vernzella Jackson and Pam Barrett.

We continued our time of prayer each Saturday night.  One priority was to find a building to hold our services in.  We considered a location on Willowood Drive in Ontario, however the cost of rent and utilities were more than we felt comfortable with.  We did not want to have to spend all of our time worried about paying rent and utilities, we knew that our purpose was to reach the lost and encourage others to have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  Overseer Collins knew that our first service needed to be held on Resurrection Sunday, April 20, 2014. 

During a fellowship service that was held at Shiloh Baptist Church, Overseer Collins asked Dr. Wanda Sprinkle to be in prayer with her concerning a church building that Kingdom Grace was going to see. As it turns out, that building was not acceptable. 

Dr. Sprinkle invited Overseer Collins to a meeting in her home on Thursday, March 20, 2014.  Overseer Collins agreed to the meeting thinking that perhaps Dr. Sprinkle would allow Kingdom Grace to use their facilities for service.  What Father had in mind was much bigger than that.  After a time of prayer and fellowship Dr. Sprinkle suggested that the two congregations merge and become one as Kingdom Grace Fellowship Church with Overseer Renea Collins as Senior Pastor and Dr. Sprinkle as Executive Pastor

On Sunday, March 23, 2014, Dr Sprinkle held a meeting with the members of First Abundant Life Fellowship. Present at the meeting were the following voting members: Deacon Ernest Clemons, Sister Gwen Clemons, Mother Bettie Walker, Mother Dorothy Carter, Emma Ruth Fuller, Missionary Doris Bair, Sheila Holloway, Sis Benita Melton, Sister Tara Allen. Bro Mike Kirst, Bro David Cains, Elder Zoe Russell, and Dr. Wanda Sprinkle.  By proxy the congregation voted unanimously to merge with Kingdom Grace Fellowship Church and to change the name to Kingdom Grace.  They also voted in favor of Overseer Renea Collins becoming the Senior Pastor.

The combined church held their first service on Sunday, April 6, 2014.

Dr. Sprinkle served as Executive Pastor until she announced her retirement so that she could focus on her God given assignment to write books.  She is recognized as Pastor Emeritus of Kingdom Grace Fellowship Church and assists Overseer Collins on business related projects.

This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our sight!!!!!